Dress Code

Dress Code Appropriate dress is important for the technical growth of your dancing student.  Inappropriate clothing will hinder their dance development and make it difficult for the instructor to 'see' your student dance. Coming to class dressed in your appropriate class dress is also an important part of preparing yourself for your class. When you take the time to respect the dress code, you are setting yourself up for success in class and you are showing your class, your teacher, and the discipline of dance respect. Dress code, including hair, will be enforced this year, especially in intermediate and advanced classes. Students not dressed to dance will either have to borrow our 'spares' or observe. We thank you all parents and students alike for supporting each other in coming to class prepared.

We are excited once again to offer Dance Wear and Shoes for your convenience at STG! Discount prices, easy online ordering, and sample sizes available at the studio! Sample sizes of each product is available at the studio for you to try on your dancer before you order. 





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Although you do not have to purchase ALL of your dance wear/footwear through this site, you need to find similar products for your dancing students (especially in the shoe, leotard, and tight suggestions with respect to color and type.) The quality and prices of the Capezio items offered here are discounted and much below retail cost.  We hope you will love the convenience of our online dance store!  Your online order from Curtain Call for Class will be delivered to your home. Sample sizes of most shoes, leotards, and tights at STG so you can ensure sizing will be correct before placing your order.   


Especially at this young age, the ritual of putting on dancing clothes to go to dance class is important.  Most students will enjoy wearing these clothes to class each week. Please pull your students hair back and remove any dangly necklaces or jewelry. Ballet slippers without ties, if you can find them, are great, or you can help the instructor by cutting the ties off or tucking them into the ballet shoe before class.


Hair in a tight neat bun. Ballet pink tights. Solid colored leotard.
(each level has a specified color although due to Covid-19 we will allow black leotards if you have trouble finding the color for your level due to back orders and shipping delays) 

Tiny Steps & Tutu's for Tots - any solid color leotard and tights

Kidance Level - PURPLE w/ solid black pull on skirt 

 Beginning Level - LIGHT PINK w/solid pink pull on skirt

Building Level - LIGHT BLUE w/solid blue pull on skirt 

Level I pearl PINK 

Level II Sapphire LIGHT BLUE

Level III/IV Black Diamond BLACK

Levels 1-4: Black Capezio® Tie Wrap Skirt from our online store may be worn over leotard.

NO BAGGY T SHIRTS OR CAMISOLES OVER YOUR LEOTARD, leather or canvas ballet slippers and/or pointe shoes. Satin style bedroom slipper ballet shoes are not allowed.


Hair in a ponytail or bun. Solid colored leotard (specified color for Levels), nude dance tights, plain black Capri leggings, tan jazz shoes OR black tap shoes (NO HEEL PLEASE), NO BAGGY T SHIRTS, NO JEGGINGS, STRETCHY JEANS, or tight camisole tops are allowed.


Hair pulled back, Solid colored specified leotard preferred, nude dance tights, plain black

Capri leggings, bare feet or foot undeez.


Hair pulled back, Black Hip Hop Sneakers, NO JEAN, KHAKIS, OR SCHOOL CLOTHES. Exercise T-shirts, tanks, shorts or leggings are acceptable.


Boys should wear clothing that they can move around easily in. Please avoid belts or other things that can scratch the students when they dance. This class can wear regular street sneakers as long as they are very clean. We suggest using a pair of street shoe that they can dedicate to the dance studio.