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Appropriate dress is important for the technical growth of your dancing student.  Inappropriate clothing will hinder their dance development and make it difficult for the instructor to 'see' your student dance. Coming to the studio dressed in appropriate attire is also an important part of preparing yourself for class. When you take the time to respect the dress code, you are setting yourself up for success. You are showing your class and your teacher, respect. Dress code, including hair, will be enforced this year, especially in intermediate and advanced classes. Students not dressed to dance will either have to borrow our 'spares' or observe. We thank all parents and students alike for supporting each other in coming to class prepared. At any age, the ritual of putting on dancing clothes to go to dance class is important.  Most students will enjoy wearing these clothes to class each week. Please pull your student's hair back, and remove any dangly necklaces or jewelry. Ballet slippers without ties, if you can find them, are great, or you can help the instructor by cutting the ties off or tucking them into the ballet shoe before class. A limited selection of dancewear and shoes can be found locally at The Foot Lodge on E. Riverside Blvd. in Loves Park (behind Beef-a-Roo), Target in both Rockford and Machesney Park, or on Amazon.

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